ZPHC Pharmaceutical may be a pharma supported in China in 1972. at first supported as a manufacturer to supply API prescription drugs, these days ZPHC Pharmaceutical is that the leading international company addressing the pharmaceutical trade, biopharmaceuticals, and medical instrumentation, with open access and a technology platform with international operations. Our services ar designed to assist our customers round the world cut back discovery and development times whereas additionally reducing the price of analysis and development within the field of medication and medical product through efficient and economical solutions. The success of ZPHC may be attributed to its distinctive and evidenced model of sales and promoting, an intensive nationwide distribution network, a heterogeneous portfolio of market-leading medication, and robust analysis and development capabilities. Currently, the corporate is engaged within the production of semi-synthetic API antibiotics, over-the-counter and medical product, fashionable Chinese medicines, additionally as anabolic and steroid hormone steroids in tableted and injectable kind. Our product have reached European, Asian, South African and Central yank markets.

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